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Latest Updates

  • Bulk Inspections August 24th, 2018

    We make collecting data in the field with CNTRAL Mobile™ as easy as possible, but sometimes you need to enter data manually and doing it one-by-one slows down your day and gives you carpal tunnel. No longer. Now you can bulk enter both Method 21 and Visual Inspections with our intuitive new interface built into CNTRAL Web™. Simply go to your Survey and you will see a new "Bulk Inspections" button. Click on that and breathe a sigh of relief.

  • In Beta: CNTRAL Handsfree™ April 3rd, 2018

    CNTRAL Mobile™ is already at the leading-edge of technology for conducting inspections in the field for LDAR, OGI, electrical, etc. We're taking it one giant leap forward with the introduction of CNTRAL Handsfree™, which is currently in beta with a select number of clients. If you are interested in getting your hands on this for field trials, get in touch with us!

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